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Environmental inspector brought valve production to a standstill

Recently , Central government in China launched new round of environmental inspections , lots of foundry factories were closed , the foundry parts of valve can’t be delivered to plants for processing and assembling on time, affected from it, our company and many valve factories like us can’t deliver the goods to customers according to the schedule, we are terribly sorry for any delay to all our customers.   


As so many foundry factories were closed, the output of foundry parts has decreased sharply, besides the delivery time of foundry parts become uncertain, the price of foundry parts has risen largely, for the contracts we already signed, we will supply the goods at the previous price and try to deliver the goods on time, as for the contracts we are still discussing, we will communicate with our customers on time, make sure both sides won’t get loss from the price fluctuation.


Environmental protection is related to everyone, everyone has responsibilities to protect the environment we live, in the following days, we will cooperate with environmental inspectors positively, improve our working conditions, strive for restoring full working order as soon as possible,Anyway, we will undertake our responsibilities ,and update the news for every customers on time.



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